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I am an Adult Performer. How do I obtain a .xxx domain?

Published on February 26, 2015    |    Updated on January 13, 2022

ICM Registry has provided adult performers with easy and secure paths to obtain their .XXX websites since the launch of the .XXX TLD.  In 2014, we entered into a relationship with ModelCentro that allows adult performers to develop their .XXX websites and start earning revenues on those sites.  As a result of our collaboration with ModelCentro we have discontinued our own Adult Performer Program.

 ModelCentro now serves as the premier platform to get great .XXX names into adult performer’s hands.  If you are an adult performer who wants to easily develop a .XXX website, you can create an account on ModelCentro and select a .XXX name during your registration on ModelCentro’s site. If, instead, you want to develop a .XXX website site on your own, you can always register any .XXX domain name, including adult performer names, through the normal registrar channels. To find great .XXX names, check out