Sex Sells!! For $ 3.0 million to be precise!

The domain, one of the top-rated adult domains on the Internet, has been acquired by Barron Innovations as part of a groundbreaking $5 million, multi-year deal with ICM Registry (”ICM”).


The $5 million deal includes more than 40 Premium Generic Keyword Domains and the highly desirable accounts for $3 million of the total. Other notable names include, and, all of which attracted six-figure sales prices, as well as,, and


According to Stephen Winyard, Director of ICM, the organization is pleased to announce this deal with Barron Innovations, which is connected to one of the most prestigious, well-established and highly successful groups in the adult entertainment industry. “The group has held its top position for most of its 15 -year existence,” says Winyard, “and we are happy to have completed this transaction with Barron Innovations. This deal follows on from the ever-increasing flow of significant premium names sales we are achieving now that we are into our third year of operation. It tangibly and irrefutably reinforces the performance benefits of .XXX names for members of the industry.”


Barron Innovations will be placing significant development resources behind creating ultra-high quality destination sites, including offering new and remarkable possibilities to other leading companies, who wish to derive benefit from the strength of these premium domain names. The different options will be launched later this year and in 2015.


“As part of a group which operates leading brands such as and, we tracked the introduction of .XXX closely,” says Shay Efron, spokesman for Barron Innovations. “We have studied the undeniably superior performance of .XXX domains in terms of SEO and conversion rates and decided to make a huge splash by acquiring the very best keyword generic names available. We evaluated, the flagship domain, and decided it has the potential to became the leading brand in the entire adult industry, so it was an obvious part of a very large deal.”


“We look forward to enjoying the benefits of ICM’s unique Domain Matching Program, which gives .XXX holders an opportunity to secure matching .XXX domain names in .PORN, .ADULT and .SEX,” says Efron. “And we would like to use this opportunity to thank Stephen and the rest of the ICM team, who made the negotiation process a very pleasant experience.”


About ICM

 ICM Registry, headquartered in Florida, is the registry operator for the .XXX TLD (Top-Level Domain) approved by ICANN in 2011. ICM Registry has recently been successful in its applications for the .PORN, and .ADULT TLDs, which are expected to launch in 2014, and hopes to gain the .SEX TLD in 2015.


About Barron Innovations   

Barron Innovations was established in order to promote premium .XXX domains and turn them into top adult industry brands.  The company is using independent resources, as well as the expertise of other leading adult industry companies, to provide consumers around the world with the best possible opportunities to enjoy a unique online experience. The company is connected to a 15-year old veteran group in the adult entertainment industry that operates leading brands such as and, as well as other leading adult entertainment brands. Barron Innovations offers well-established companies new and exciting ways to take part in the creation of high-end quality custom sites using the premium .XXX domains, which are part of this agreement.