Really Useful Grabs and for $750,000

JT, Chairman of Really Useful and formerly a founding member of, has acquired the keyword category leading domains and for an all cash deal of $750,000 USD. JT has already amassed an impressive collection of .XXX keyword domains such as,,,,,, and; some of which are live and others that are scheduled to launch this year. 

JT said, “I have been working on a hybrid tube model for some time and buying and was a no brainer.  I chose to launch with an .XXX domain over a .com due to the impressive stats on our existing .XXX sites as compared directly to our .com equivalents. I have also been studying the results that other major players in the industry are achieving with their .XXX sites, specifically the prominent rankings of .XXX domains within Google search results. will contain our own exclusive content and offer the visitors a network pass to both our “sensual” and “fake” genres and brands. These brands are some of the strongest in the industry.”

He added, “We produce over 150 new scenes a month which are specifically designed with the tube user in mind. Every tube clip we release is the best possible representation of the brand and our success has been greatly enhanced by joining the content partner programs of the world’s biggest tubes.”

JT has plans to use as a separate, more communal tube site with carefully hand picked partners.

Steve Wynyard, Vice President of ICM Registry commented, “The last two years have allowed the real benefits of .XXX to be proven; we are delighted that sophisticated operators such as JT and the Really Useful team, who were early .XXX adopters, have studied the real world performance of .XXX domains and keep returning to the table to invest again heavily in the space. The business model for is solid and based on JT’s unrivaled experience, we are confident it will generate high traffic and revenues.” Steve added, “We were in discussions with several prominent companies over the last few weeks for many of our remaining premium .XXX domains; the demand is high. We decided to award JT these highly coveted domains not only because of the attractive price tag he offered but also because he was ready, able and eager to launch websites with unique content for these brands using the .XXX TLD.” 

About Really Useful

Really Useful, based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, operates 17 websites; many of them operating under the .XXX domains stated in this release above as well as other well known brands such as, and Really Useful’s websites bring in a combined 8 to 10 million views a day to tube sites. Really Useful has unrivalled knowledge of the viewing habits of tube users resulting in many of its websites being the highest rated on tube sites of all time.

About ICM 

ICM Registry, headquartered in Florida, is the registry operator for the .XXX TLD approved by ICANN in 2011. ICM Registry has recently been successful in its applications for the .PORN, and .ADULT TLDs, which are expected to launch in 2014, and hopes to gain the .SEX TLD in 2015. ICM Registry is offering a Domain Matching Program that gives .XXX domain holders the opportunity to secure their directly matching names in the new TLDs ICM launches. To find out more about the Domain Matching Program see