ICM Reduces Pricing for .XXX Names in Time for .PORN and .ADULT

MIAMI — ICM Registry today announced a price cut for .xxx domain names created in April.

Domain purchasers, from April 1-30, can purchase new, one-year .xxx registrations starting at $12.99. The .xxx names purchasers buy during the promotional period are eligible for participation in the upcoming .porn and .adult Domain Matching Program.

The Domain Matching Program starts on May 6 and runs through May 31. It is a special program designed specifically for .xxx domain holders. The Domain Matching Program gives .xxx domain owners a priority registration opportunity to register available, exact match names in .porn and .adult before those names are offered to the general public. .xxx domain holders as of April 30 are eligible to participate in the .porn and .adult Domain Matching Program.

ICM Registry Director Steve Winyard said that the price of its .porn and .adult names will be substantially reduced during the Domain Matching Program and that .xxx registrants can buy .porn and .adult names starting at $12.99. “Check with your registrar directly about pricing as some are offering irresistible package deals for .xxx, .porn and .adult names,” he said. The word ‘porn’ has always been one of the most searched terms on the Internet and it is now a TLD, Winyard said.

“There are amazing opportunities for SEO and exact match domain phrases in these new TLDs. .porn and .adult can easily be as successful as, if not more successful than, .xxx,” he said. “With our promotional, low-price offers, adult site owners have plenty of time to test these new extensions and build profitable sites.”  ICM Registry is launching .sex later this year and plans to offer similar domain matching opportunities for the .sex launch, he said. “With so many new TLDs on the market, it’s refreshing to know that all four of our TLDs are powerhouses that clearly identify the content, products and services available,” he said. “Consumers are becoming more aware of the significance of the words to the right of the dot and for site owners, the innovation, ROI and SEO opportunities in our new TLDs bring next level excitement.” 

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