Really Useful Limited invests over $600,000 in additional .XXX Domains

Palm Beach Gardens, FL - ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top level domain (TLD) for online adult entertainment, announced today that Really Useful Limited, which is one of the world’s leading adult producers, has invested over $600,000 in new .XXX domains.

As one of the original founding members of YouPorn, JT has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is widely considered to be the leading light of the latest generation of online adult entertainment entrepreneurs and was recently voted “CEO of the Year” by Xbiz.

JT started his acquisition of .XXX domains in 2011 with the highly successful and and has added to his portfolio on several occasions since, buying,,, and the recently launched Four additional world-class domains have just been acquired, including,, and one of the most searched on adult keywords which is arguably the number one adult related domain, The latest deal is worth in excess of $600,000 with priced at $400,000, which takes JT’s total investment in .XXX Premium names just over $800,000.

JT said, “I didn’t hesitate in buying more premium domains. The existing .XXX sites I have are performing much better on a like-for-like basis than my .com sites. Google ranks them higher because they clearly identify the content as adult. This means that traffic to my .XXX sites has been pre-qualified by search engines and conversions from visitor to member are considerably higher.” JT added, “The fact that each domain will qualify for ICM’s Grandfathering is also important to me. I think that .PORN in particular will be an enormous bonus to search results. Based on my experience and logic, surfers will search for ‘mature porn’ or ‘teen porn’ for example, and my sites will rank high in those results. Once I knew ICM had qualified to run .PORN I was straight on the phone with my wish list of domains. It is very important to me to own as many of the top 20 adult search term keywords,” JT stated, “In my opinion, .XXX has proven that it is the future destination for adult content on the Internet, and I will continue investing in more .XXX domains for my new projects.” Steve Winyard, Vice President of ICM Registry said, “JT got it right. He produces some of the highest quality adult content on the web and continually impresses with his attention to detail and exceptional standards. There are many people in the adult community who would dearly love to own domains like, but probably very few who could do it the justice that JT will, from both a content and a best practices perspective. We are once again delighted that JT has hard data and evidence that .XXX, as a TLD, has proven its worth and continues to allow strong brands and world leading sites to be developed. Approaching the second anniversary of our launch we have had great success at the latest round of B2B adult trade shows in Europe, pulling in just under $1 million of new business on premium names from existing and many new customers. ‘The results are in’ so to speak and the industry now has full data sets to compare and evaluate the real world performance of .XXX names and we are seeing that translated into more sales of premium names.”

When asked about the performance of his existing .XXX sites, JT commented, “Really Useful has operated both a .com and .XXX version of what is, in effect, the same website for the last two years, and This gives me a direct comparison of the performance of a .XXX domain over a .com; it was because of this data that I have made a considerable investment in additional .XXX domains. Specifically, has a ‘bounce rate’ of 34% (where the user exits my site at the first page once they realize it is an adult website) compared to that has a ‘bounce rate’ of only 16%. This means that the users visiting already know it is an adult website because of the .XXX domain extension.” JT added, “The ratio from visitor to member conversion on is around 1:320 whereas the ratio on is 1:523. is significantly out performing and the only difference between them is the domain name.”

More on Really Useful Limited

Really Useful Limited is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands and was founded in 2011 by JT, one of the original founding members of was the world’s 26th most visited website at its peak. Really Useful’s first two .XXX websites were and, which launched in September 2011.

Really Useful has grown from a team of 4 people in 2011 to over 80 people today. They produce in excess of 150 scenes per month, making them one of the world’s busiest adult production companies. They currently have 17 of the most popular websites in the adult industry including,,,, and

Really Useful Limited has a very unique business model. They do not buy any advertising nor do they buy any traffic from third parties. In fact, they give away samples of their content for free to the many adult tube sites. Really Useful generates between 8m-10m views a day on these free videos from tube sites and this translates to around 400k unique visitors a day to the underlying sites from this exposure. JT spoke of this business model, “There are in excess of 80m+ visitors a day to the largest tube sites on the Internet. We upload around 17 new sample videos a day to the tubes from my brands. These videos range from 10 minutes to 17 minutes average duration. The videos have been specifically edited from my full scenes, which only my paying members can view; my full scenes range from 18 minutes to 40 minutes. We get considerable traffic from this free exposure and we are selling many hundreds of new memberships every day to free tube users; a fact that most of the adult industry will tell you is impossible.”

More on ICM Registry

ICM Registry, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is the registry operator for the .XXX sponsored top-level domain as approved by ICANN in 2011. ICM Registry provides the management and supporting infrastructure for this extension offered via registrars around the world.

ICM Registry’s adult content only search engine, offers a clean user interface and intuitive keyword searches., which uses the same technology as usual mainstream search engines but is for adult content only, allows users to set language preference and sexual orientation preference. Recent enhancements allow users to search specifically for videos, still images, cam sites, stores, and more, making an experience totally focused on delivering exactly the adult entertainment users want: quickly, discreetly and easily. is also supported by, a dedicated site showcasing the very best .XXX sites and attracts several million hits a month from around the world; traffic on both and is delivered directly back to the .XXX community without any additional charges.