How to Become a Member of the .XXX Sponsored Community?

In order for your .XXX domain name to become a resolving live website and offer any content, you must first complete our Sponsored Community Membership Application.
*No membership is required for .PORN, .SEX or .ADULT.

Our Sponsored Community consists of individuals, business, entities, and organizations that fit into any one of the following categories:

  • Provide Online Adult Entertainment intended for consenting adults (“Providers”) (e.g. adult webmasters, performers, studios, store owners, club operators)
  • Represent Providers (“Representatives”) (e.g. lawyers, agents, advisors, accountants, affiliates)
  • Provide products or services to Providers and Representatives (“Service Providers”) (e.g. adult domainers, manufacturers, delivery companies, caterers, distribution companies, merchant account services, make up artists, stylists, hosting services)

Membership Application Process

The Membership Application is quick and simple; it generally takes only a few moments to complete.


You register a .XXX domain name as an individual or a company with an accredited registrar, and you pay the registration fees directly to the registrar.


ICM Registry will send an introductory email to the email address you provided your registrar. If you used a privacy protection service we will send the email to the email address associated with your privacy service (so make sure to check).


Click on the Membership Application button within the introductory email that was sent by ICM Registry. This will take you to the Sponsored Community Membership Application.


Complete the Membership Application. The application process takes approximately three minutes and is free of charge. Please note the Membership Application only needs to be completed one time per email account, not per domain registration.


The Membership Application requires the applicant to attest to the following information:

  1. Address
  2. Valid Date of Birth
  3. Valid Email
  4. Valid Phone Number
  5. Agree to ICM's Registry-Registrant Agreement
  6. Attest to being a member of the Sponsored Community

Once the Membership Application is complete, you will receive an email from ICM Registry with your Membership Token. You need to provide this token to your registrar so that each .XXX domain you have registered can be associated with the token. .XXX domains that are not associated with a Membership Token will not resolve to a live website so it is important for you to complete this final step.


Please save the Membership Token email for future reference. You will need to apply this token to all websites before they can be activated.


If you misplace your Membership Token, you will need to contact customer support and provide the email address associated with your application.