Culturally Sensitive Names

The submission period for Culturally Significant Names is now closed.

ICM Registry (“ICM”) committed to provide a minimum sixty (60) day pre-launch opportunity for ICANN's Government Advisory Committee (“GAC”), and/or the government of any country or distinct economy participating in the GAC (collectively, “Governments”) to identify strings that match words of cultural and/or religious significance. This submission period is now closed.

Strings submitted by the GAC or GAC Governments will be reviewed by ICM for inclusion on a list of culturally significant names (the “Culturally Significant Names List”). Strings placed on the Culturally Significant Names List by ICM either will not be available for resolving registrations in the sTLD, or will resolve to standard pages that indicate that the string is not available for registration in the sTLD.

ICM will review the submitted lists and, at its sole discretion, will place names onto the Culturally Significant Names List prior to launch on September 7, 2011. To see which names on your submission list have been placed onto the Culturally Significant Names List, please visit our WHOIS server.

In furtherance of ICM's best practices and as a part of its Country Names and Geographic Designators policy, ICM voluntarily elected to reserve from registration all .xxx domain names that directly corresponded to all country names and capital city names that were in existence as of September 7, 2011.