The Emerging Destination for Porn

The .XXX namespace is dedicated to serving the Adult Sponsored Community by making it easier for consumers around the world to find adult related sites. Not only is .XXX ranked as one of the safest TLDs on the planet, but also the brand ".XXX" is globally synonymous with adult entertainment and makes any domain name with a .XXX TLD unique and immediately recognizable by consumers.

The Reasons to Own a .XXX are Simple

.XXX is a globally trusted brand designed specifically for the worldwide adult entertainment industry.

Proven SEO

A top Google search result for your site’s keyword makes you a market leader. Both the domain name and .XXX suffix have proven to increase your chances of a top result. Adult keywords like XXX, PORN, and SEX as TLDs will increase your chances to rank high on the most searched keywords resulting in millions of impressions to the most qualified traffic.

More Traffic

More traffic means more earning potential. Eligible domains are included on and providing millions of impressions per month at no additional cost. ICM Registry is always looking for opportunities to promote .XXX domains.


The Internet is changing dramatically with thousands of new Top Level Domains launching. ICM Registry has applied for .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT. Making sure you maintain your .XXX domain registration makes you eligible for our “Domain Matching Program”

Target Your Customer

Adding .XXX to your domain name lets consumers know your site offers adult entertainment. This lowers bounce rates and improves conversions. Your desired name may be taken in .COM, but it’s not too late to get your .XXX. Visit to search for your .XXX domain.

One of the Safest TLDs

.XXX was ranked by Architelos as one of the safest TLDs in the world regarding malware, phishing, spam and botnet commands.

Best Practices

Baseline Policies developed by IFFOR are specifically designed to establish a global standard in combating sexual child abuse images, providing effective parental control, ensuring accurate domain registration information, and protecting the privacy, security, and consumer rights of all Internet users.

Who’s Using .XXX?

Adult Industry professionals all over the globe are developing .XXX websites including major brands like Really Useful Limited, PimpRoll, Clips4Sale, SexGoesMobile, Bitter Strawberry, iFriends, and Corbin Fisher.

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What does .XXX offer all Non-Adult Brands?

At its launch the .XXX TLD implemented a Sunrise B program that allowed trademark owners to reserve their matching trademarks from registration in the .XXX TLD for a low, one-time fee. This trademark consumer protection policy quickly became an Internet industry best practice.

ICM Registry is continuing to offer pioneering consumer protection programs to non adult-brand owners for the new gTLDs it has applied for (.PORN, .SEX and .ADULT). Non-adult brand owners who maintain their .XXX domain name registrations are eligible to participate in our “Domain Matching Program”.

With over 1,000 new gTLDs anticipated to launch over the next few years, registration of your brand in .XXX helps ensure consistency with your brand strategy and allows you the flexibility to evolve your brand strategy over time.